57th Wing B25's Based in Corsica

We want to thank all persons that have contributed information made this site possible.

Dedicated to all that served in the armed forces in WWII. In particular, the Mediterranean Theater of Operations of the 12th Air Force, 57th Bomb Wing based Corsica from 1944-45.


This site contains downloadable skins or 3D artwork for IL2 however, it's main contribution is to document in paint, the aircraft of the 12th Air Force. Some historical information may be found with each picture such as crew names and serial numbers. If the source is available and permission is granted, we will post personal accounts and recollections of family members or veterans of the 57th Bomb Wing along aside the respective aircrafts.

Within the recent weeks we have been expanding our skins collection and have added 57FG escort fighters. As time and documentation allows we will adding more fighters and bombers that flew in the MTO.

Currently this collection features a fellow skinner , DonB3397 (Bravo), TOAD, TonyT, Serval, myself (Monguse). We, along with veterans and authors have worked laborously culling through every piece of information, book and website to bring to life these fine aircraft. All photographs have been studied carefully to ensure an authentic representation of each aircraft.

Special thanks to Herman Voss, Dominique Taddei, Don Kaiser, Vinny White, Michele D'Aronco, Ferdinando D'Amico along with the veterans and their families.

Should anyone wish to add missing information or would like to submit stories about a given aicraft please email us.


From all of us from warwingsart


Corsica From Space- image courtesy of NASA and Johnson's Space Center with map information gathered from Don Kaiser's Corsica Map

Featured skinners:

Little Friends P47's


Little Friends P51's








Acknowledgements and research material:

The following are people and their respective links that were used to document the aircraft featured on this site. Without their help the contents of this site would have been impossible.

Dominique Taddei

Dominique Taddei Author of USS Corsica and a native of Corsica, wrote a book that chronicles the 321th, 310th, 319th and 340th BG B-25 Mitchells from the 12th Air Force from 1943 to 1945. The book took 8 years of research, it is written in French, contains 500 photos and numerous color profiles. You can visit his website here. Please be aware it is written in French.

Don Kaiser's Site

For historical accounts, color photographs, logs and missions may I suggest you peruse Don Kaiser's main site as it has a wealth of data. Also visit 12th Air Force Organizational Chart , 447th Bombardment Squadron area and the planes of the 321st Bombardment Group courtesy of the late Captain Glenn Crisp.

For black and white and color photographs please visit the planes section at Don Kaiser web site.

Herman Voss

Herman Voss who keeps additional information regarding his late brother in law, John W. (Jack) Sterett, Tail gunner 486th Bomb Squadron of the 340th Bomber Group.

Terrence Coursen

Terence Coursen's website contains photographs and some personal accounts regarding his father Tech Sgt William C Coursen, 447th/321st. Tech Sgt William C Coursen was Crew Chief on Paper Doll. Without their help the serial number for Paper Doll would have been difficult to find. I also add that Tech Sgt William C Coursen is still with us.

George Underwood

George.B. Underwood, Armorer/Gunner gunner with the 381st and you can read his biography here.